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Mocking Americans
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This community is open to (but not restricted to) Brits who wish to mock our wonderful cousins across the pond. You can submit amusing posts by Americans who have no idea there is a world beyond the United States, Bushisms, political rants, anything you feel is appropriate. You may not make racist comments or personal attacks.

This community is meant to be fun. If you are offended by the concept of mocking Americans do not join, do not read and do not whinge to us about it because we do not care and we will laugh at you.

We are not xenophobic, merely frustrated by the lack of knowledge of anything beyond their own borders of *some* Americans. We understand there are stupid people in every part of the world, we're just focusing on yanks. Don't like it? Start your own community. Seriously. We may even link it.

If you *are* American and wish to mock your fellow citizens feel free, you may want to also check out mock_the_stupid

Want to rant about the fact that Americans have butchered your favourite British TV programme/institution with their own version? Or that Americans just don't get British humour? Also feel free.

We have rules: (subject to change)

1) No off-topic posts.

2) Trolling posts or comments will be deleted and the user banned without warning. If you suspect someone of trolling please contact one of the moderators (listed below)

3) No debating. This community is not a debating society, if you want to debate the virtues of American vs. British go join *insert random debating community*.

4) No flaming. If you disagree with what someone has said either keep it to yourself or calmly state your reasons. If you feel a post/comment is highly offensive please report it to one of the moderators and we will deal with it on an individual basis.

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